Weird Field World stickers

by thisnorthernboy

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In 2089 a message arrived for humanity from the stars with a set of instructions on how to build a spaceship. Further messages for further spaceships arrived over the next eighty years propelling the human race into a new golden age of Enlightenment.

Here's a handful of those curious craft for sticking on your laptop, favourite lamp post, least favourite sibling*, etc.

There are four styles that include some of the following spacecraft:

I - WF Moebius, WF Tenniel, WF Mead, WF Rackham

II - WF Vigée Le Brun, WF Del Toro, WF Blake, WF Hokusai, WF Heath

III - WF Cernunnos, WF Seacole, WF Rockwell, WF Zephaniah

IV - WF P407R4D3, WF Parrish

These drawings are taken from Rob Turpin’s book Weird Field World, which is also available from Ellipress.

A5 glossy sticker sheets. Each sheet has five Weird Field World spaceship kiss cut stickers and a WFW logo sticker.

* Don’t do that.