Deep Space Fleet – Raptor 01 – Pin Badge #1

by Ellipress

£7.20 £8.00

The interplanetary craft of Asteroid Belt Blues


The Raptor 01 is an Anglo-Dutch escort craft used in a dual role of tug boat and security vessel. The Raptor operates in the vast, mineral-rich asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, over 250 million miles from Earth.

On longer journeys the Raptor 01 can attach itself to the underside of larger ships using its powerful electro-magnetic top plate. As a result the mining community* affectionately refer to them as “pilot fish”.

Slow and valuable heavy mining ships are easy and profitable pickings for pirates and rogue states. The Raptor’s twin railguns are formidable weapons against this constant threat of attack.

* Themselves referred to, perhaps less affectionally, as “Rock Jockies”.

This is a highly detailed soft enamel pin badge using thisnorthernboy’s original drawing. Black etched metal backing with signature orange clasp. 35mm wide.

Raptor 01 is the first in a series of pin badges using the interplanetary craft of thisnorthernboy’s Asteroid Belt Blues.