About us.

Ellipress makes high quality art prints.

Ellipress is a digital print studio with an online shop.

We use large format inkjet printers and the best inks and papers available.

Digital inkjet printing allows us to produce low cost, high quality art prints in short runs.

We love making things

And we only sell work by artists we love.

We also make and sell our own art products in the shop.

If you’re an artist and you think your work is a good fit for what we sell, then we’d love to hear from you.

Ellipress is an imprint of Jonathan Elliman Design.

Jonathan Elliman Design is a small design studio based in Hampshire in the UK.

They provide design and marketing services to businesses around the world.

Jonathan Elliman is a graphic designer based in Hampshire.

After accidentally falling into sign-making in the early 90’s, Jonathan tumbled into the emerging large format digital printing industry before lurching into creating his own design business in 2000.

Nowadays he’d much rather be at home drawing silly little pictures, so he tries to do that instead.

Find Jonathan on:
Twitter / Instagram / North v South Podcast